Surprising reasons to prove why Millennials will rule the Internet in 2019

We’re talking about the generation which is on every brand’s radar when it comes to audience targeting. The reason being that ‘Millennials’ are the certified influencers of our time. An age group of individuals who have had experienced so much, seen so many things and lived numerous lifestyles in just a small matter of time. The youth is better educated, better connected to information, and better connected to the world. They move fast and desire for more!

Why millennials are in the spotlight?

It’s because millennials occupy more than 30% of the total population in India. And numbers are directing upwards.
So if we put active internet users in the frame, it will be near about 60%. Estimated to go up by 70% in 2020. That means 50% of them are millennials.

Let’s see what do they do online, and how it’s heading towards a “Digital Revolution” lead by the young denizens of the internet.

Dominating the Social Media

Millennials in India are one of the world’s greatest sources of untapped economic potential. Sitting all comfy at home, rushing ahead of everyone in the cafe line, or walking down the sidewalk, chances are you’ll spot millennials goofing around on social media most of the time. some use it several times a day, some are hyperactive, and then some of them who are glued to their smartphone screens all the time like they have ‘sold their soul’ to social media, oh wait! We have a term for them too. They’re known as ‘social media influencers’.

Millennials feel like social media platforms provide all the necessities at one place. some of the news, info, trends, entertainment, shopping options are there too, tons of cat and dog videos, friends and other people, and let’s not forget memes (we love memes).

Facebook, is one of the main social media platforms which is most sought after when it comes to serving news directly to your news feed. Guess what!
Let’s not talk about it because everybody’s parents started using Facebook, so…

The perfect word to pick up right now would be, anyway, let’s talk about other social media networks, their impact, and involvement with millennials.

Let’s say Instagram and youtube for example.
Very different from each other… but they have so many similarities as well. They have a trademark of loyalty, especially in communities or niche like fashion, fitness, gadgets etc.

Millennials do trust their peers with so many things. If some influencer drops a product review video targeting their kind of particular audience then yeah it will work for them and for the people who are watching it. In fact, 72% of buyers are influenced because it’s nothing less than a word of mouth. They trust the guy/girl and it is way more realistic than traditional ways of selling products.

And yeah there is a direct way to sell products on the social media. They try to impress you with extravagant content. Actually, it’s all fine though. It’s not a new world order, right? They manufacture products, endorse them and provide the facility of customer support, nothing new. We think it’s just a newly emerging market and millennials are totally digging it!

Moving on to Online shopping

Engaging with millennials
According to Morgan Stanley, young ones do prefer shopping online more than conservative old means. 78% of peeps turn to their smartphone apps and make their way to the checkout page.

Marketers are definitely going to tap the market which is booming. It’s as clear as holy “Water of Nazareth”.  Also resembles the basic law of economics, demand and supply my friends!

Like their peers in other markets, Indian companies will have to adapt to survive the accelerating demographic consumer shift. Those that evolve winning strategies to capture India’s Millennials not only stand to benefit in our country, but could also extend such strategies into other economies.

T.V is not the same anymore

With detailed stunning HD quality, there are end numbers of features to choose streaming services over traditional means of satellite broadcasting. Millennials surely know how to n*tflix and chill.

Streaming content is the future

Whenever you want it you get it, on the train, on the beach, in your bathroom or your backyard.
We can guarantee one thing for sure that millennials are fond of mobile devices.

Audio/video no matter what form it is, you’re gonna get it right there in the device that you can hold in your hand.
According to a study by GlobalWebIndex, more than 39% of millennial users are typically more inclined to watch stuff in their phones, tablets or laptop.

The data says a lot of things about an upcoming shift. We’re counting 2019 as one of the milestones, keeping in mind the things that are going to happen in the fullness of time.

Millennials have the potential to move the things not only on the Internet but directly or indirectly they influence the economy by a massive margin.

Here’s to the future and the voice of youth, Kudos!

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Social media marketing: A necessity for every brand!

With 2018 about to end, we feel like this is the high time to talk about how essential Social media marketing is for every brand.

To some brands, it is "The future of marketing", "The next big thing".
Then there are those who are doing it effortlessly while having their fair share of fun!
To others, it's just a buzzword with no real advantages and a steep, complex learning curve.

If we were to say some words about the Impact of social media marketing, we would say that it’s just like the sunshine on a bright sunny day! Vividly visible, and out there for you to see as well.

Now, we’re willing to roll the reel backward a little bit. Slow ride to 2014 when social media marketing was just a newly emerging way of marketing!

In 4-5 past years, it has shaped like a new mode of marketing itself!

According to hubspot in 2014, 92% of marketers agreed that social media marketing is a huge part of their marketing strategy and progress!

With a collective of nearly 80% had claimed that their efforts into social media marketing have directly increased their website traffic. And according to social media examiner, 97% of the marketers actively participated in social media marketing that year.

So that’s quick stats for you which date back to about 5 years from now!

Keeping these figures in mind, you could only imagine how greater of an impact it has now, and its potential to increase the sales!

Here are some quick ways to explain how social media marketing can improve your business and all the benefits that you gain for good.

Brand Recognition

You can set your social media accounts to be the channel for your brand’s voice and content. Increased brand recognition is always super helpful. As you can easily access new customers and, be more familiar with the existing ones. Simply when they (your audience) see your brand’s name frequently, they tend to remember it most probably. Give your brand a good name above all.

Build Brand Loyalty

In recent years it has been proven by numerous reports that the brands who engage with their customers through their social media accounts happen to enjoy more brand loyalty than others. All the companies should take full advantage of social media tools.
A good social media strategy will serve you well, making customers swift smoothly to become the loyal ones. According to the studies on customer behavior, it’s projected that more than 47% of customers are really loyal to the brands that they follow on social media.

Extended Brand Authority

Okay, so we have established the fact that interacting with your customers is highly beneficial in so many terms. Think of a direct effect that it marks on new customers. Imagine some of your customers are happy with the products or services that you offer as a brand. They will most likely turn to you on your social media. And it just goes on to show a good faith and value for your brand to others. The more people that are talking about your brand, the more valuable and authoritative it will appear to new users. And if you happen to have some interactions with the ‘social media influencers’ your practical authority will reach a boom!

More Chances to Convert

“Every move you make, they’ll be watching you!”

With social media, you have very fine chances to morph your audience to your customers. When you build a following you’ll eventually have the access to you your customers. The current ones, old ones and the new ones too.
Every blog, Image, video or any other pieces of content will benefit you. Moreover, every reply on comments and reviews done by the followers may lead to a website visit and hence; A conversion. Not every interaction will reap you this fruitful outcome. Every positive interaction will raise the chance of it happening. So now you know what to do!

Increased Website Traffic

When you don’t have social media, your website traffic is limited to the people who are familiar with your brand or some individuals searching for keywords that you rank for.
Social media accounts are generally a gateway leading back to your website. And every piece of content that you create is the opportunity for new visitors. The more quality content you create on social media, the more website traffic you’ll generate. And more traffic means more leads and more conversions.

Less marketing cost involved
All you need to do is spend approximately 6-7 hours of effort per week, which is just enough to keep it right on the track! It’s really not much at all. And yes, there are ways to do it, organic or inorganic. So as per your needs you can go organic or the other way which means you have to pay a little for the paid promotion. And you can have our word for it, that it is not that expensive. If you want a really effective outcome you should check out

Enriched Customer Experiences

You can have butter soft fluent experience of communication which is slightly more effective than any other form like emails or phone calls. You can publicly demonstrate the level of customer service you offer as a brand and take your customer relationship to the next level. For instance, if a customer raises a complaint on social media. You can apologize. It’s more personal and lets the customer feel at ease. And proportionally you too!   

Accurate Customer Insights

All social media platform collect a wide variety of metrics, which will show you the exact figures. You can retrieve so much of valuable information, including what interests your customer and how you should behave to cope up. You can just read comments and realize what the customers feel about your brand in general. You can definitely track down what kind of posts are making it big, as in which type of content has the most appeal to the audience, create more of that.

These are some of the long-term benefits of social media. But if you’re really reluctant to take a dive into it, we advise you to just go ahead because of several reasons.

Your competitions are into it already
You get results as soon as you start, so better do it now!
And you’ve got nothing to lose, literally!

Call the best there is and get it all done.
Like really, we do it ALL!

Brand New | VA

“As the present now Will later be past The order is  Rapidly fadin'.  The slow one now  Will later be fast  For the times they are a-changin".
- Bob Dylan.

What’s our age again?

Valens Advertising is getting old! But we are heading towards a new age, a new world order with the same aspiration and values. Valens adverting is striving for greater goals. We have seen a lot in the industry. And we take every *little accomplishment as a milestone. Although, our definition of *little accomplishment is slightly bigger than usual.
Change is inevitable, those who adapt well, are the ones who are widely celebrated. We’re the surfers of real time and place. Progressing in every moment that goes by, we are transcending.
Reaching new heights with an impeccable team. Which is like a remarkable clockwork!

Talking About the Generation

The generation today is speedster’s generation. We want it all and we want now!
We at Valens Advertising, understand it well. Because we drive at the same pace. We’ve got the young blood running in our veins; the average age of Valens Adverting employee is 24, it's kind of an impressive fact about us.
Digital Advertising is not really the same how it used to be, say four or five years ago. People crave a different kinda buzz now! In other words, digital marketing hasn’t been changed. It has been “evolved”. And is emerging to new heights. Half a dozen years of wisdom, experience, and expertise in the field of digital marketing is something that we love to cherish as we look back, and take an overview.

You say opportunities, we say yes, please!

Your work will always represent a crystal-clear image of your journey. At Valens advertising agency we do something that is truly mystical! We take your business vision and give it a “Magic touch”. We certainly feel fantastic about our smooth and jovial work culture. Seeing our clients happy and satisfied at the end of the day, is something that brings an immense delight to our team. 

From Pune with love

We have proved our mettle in digital marketing.
And pretty much all other services that we offer!
We are taking the same authenticity of our work ethic to the neighbourhood. Yes, we are officially branching to Mumbai!


Basically, we’ve got a new logo now! What the is fuzz is all about?
The new logo of Valens Advertising Agency portrays our brand’s character. With age comes the Wisdom! We possess a demonstrated proficiency in social media marketing, qualified lead generation, website development, and event management. The new emblematic logo reflects a crystal image of our success story. All of us here in the team is filled with sheer excitement.

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How Website is the core of Digital Marketing. And all the important aspects of a website that you need to know.

Let us tell you one thing... You may be good at imagining things. But in this case, you can’t even imagine getting into digital marketing without having a website. Think of a real store, a shop, a café or a restaurant. Just like these. A website is a place where you knock in. Or click, or hammer the ‘enter’ button (that is so satisfying).

Practically, a website is the place where most of the people will land on looking up for your business. Whether it’s to get information about products or services, to make bookings or purchases, or to get contact details.

In digital marketing, we commonly say a website is the heart and soul of it.

The website is something which reflects your company on the Internet.
This is the most important part of your business because it tells everything about your business for e.g. the services you are providing, your contact details, the projects you have completed etc.
Before you set your very first website, you must know about domain name and web hosting.
Sounds familiar? 
Here is a quick description.

A domain is the address of your website. Apparently, the first step to start a website is to register a domain. And you'll be the owner of that particular domain name. Domain name is definitely intangible. It is a string of characters that give your website an identity (yes, a name, like human and businesses). For example,
All domain names are unique. This means there can be only one in the world. You cannot register a name once it is registered by others.

Web-hosting, think of it as a house where you store all your stuff; but instead of storing your clothes and furniture, you store computer files (HTML, documents, images, videos, etc) in a web host.
More often than not, the term “web hosting” refers to the company that rent out their computer/servers to store your website and provides Internet connectivity so that other users can access to the files on your website. For most cases, these hosting companies will handle server maintenance work, such as backup, root configuration, maintenance, disaster recoveries, and so on.

Time to move ahead!

Well! We think it’s plausible to lay down the basic content of a website, what a general website consists of.

Homepage - When we open a website, the homepage is the very first page that we see.

About - In the about page the whole description is written about the company, Like the date of establishment, story behind it, the lifespan of the company, achievements so far etc.

Services - Services provided by the company is mentioned for e.g. if it is an advertising agency *ahem like us so the services will be like social media marketing, qualified lead generation, website development etc.

Projects Completed - In this section we mention the work that we have already completed so that the client gets to know about the quality of the projects we do.

Contact details - Here the address of the company and contact number, email is mentioned.

Although, websites all over the internet do vary from each other like there are Personal websites, E-commerce websites etc. People often experiment with their websites, with the appearance, aesthetics, content and what not.

Hey, just look at it!

Ever wonder about why do you frequently visit the websites that you go on a daily basis? Despite all the things ‘appeal’ is a massive factor here. The “Design.” You can please people’s eyes with your design.

With the brilliance of the design, you can gather visitor’s attention, Channelize the soft corner of emotions (If you’re fantastic at it).
You can make your visitors feel excited, engaged, and even inspired by the visual design of your website. It is highly manipulative, to the point that it may turn visitors into customers.

Where’s the meat at?

Take two slices of bread, spread some mayonnaise on it. Would you call it a sandwich? No, of course not! Fill it with whatever you want. You will have to learn how to make a sandwich!

Raise the curtains, comes the Content!

Since inception, a lot has been said. But we only want to say that, with the right kind of content you can do wonders! Not only it will help you seize the attention of people visiting your website and helping to convert them into your customers. Furthermore, you can also optimize your content to rank better on search engines.

All in all, you need a website for digital marketing. Like a fish needs water to live!

The right #digitalmarketing agency can be like an extended marketing department.

Just want to state that marketing, just like any other thing in the world has a vast history of evolution itself. Relax! We’re not going to lay out some historical facts for you, which you’ll forget soon. Worse you could leave the page in a blink of an eye. Right, Free bird?

We’ve got a pin here, just to burst the balloon of believing that an in-house marketing unit can be as effective as a digital marketing agency!

In-house Marketing is not effective!

Perhaps, if you don’t think much. Then it could be a good idea to have it all under one roof!

The question here is how ‘efficient’ could it be to do so?
The in-house team requires continuous onboarding.
To hire a team of professionals, you must invest time, money, and effort in developing a training program. Whether you have employees read blogs and watch training videos, attend a conference or seminar, or pay a senior marketer to advise the new hires. Even then setting up an efficient internal marketing engine can be a difficult task that sucks up a vast amount of resources. Furthermore, the only way to scale up is to hire more employees.

The experience is something which should be written in bold letters here. Because it sets you apart from everything!

They don’t have the tunnel vision.
Some in-house marketers struggle to think objectively about their brand, which makes it incredibly difficult to truly get in the heads of their audience.

A fully functional digital marketing agency has a team of well able performance driven individuals. They possess expertise and precision! An agency is highly efficient, keeping in mind the various forms of content.
At Valens advertising agency
  • We provide a dedicated writer.
  • Designer and account manager.
  • And stay constantly in touch over the phone, emails, chat, and meetings.
It gets us the desired results on time. For all of our clients, respectively!

Before anything else you need introspection.

Understand your business and its need. In a rapidly changing world, nothing is stationary. Especially, your audience!

Take us for example. We comprehend the same values and principles, but are able to be objective and offer a different perspective, and provide a padded cushion to campaigns and generate results.

We at Valens advertising agency believe in providing, completely orchestrated marketing values to our client. And we do it by our heart. They treat us like a family member; we’re the one who’s always working though! All in all, we take pride in their joy.

As we narrate bits of our success stories, you can see a candid reflection of our client’s satisfaction in them as well.

If you’re willing to have a hassle-free experience, you know who to call!

Difference between digital and traditional marketing

Marketing is an important aspect of any business which you can never ignore. A wise entrepreneur will always set aside a separate budget for marketing alone. We live in a generation where a huge part of population is highly devoted to the online media, while another chunk does not yet know how to use the internet. This is where traditional vs. digital marketing comes into picture.

Let us understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing
Traditional marketing is using conventional modes of marketing which are prevalent since advertising and marketing was introduced. This includes
- Flyers and billboards
- Newspaper
- Radio
- Television
- Print ads in magazines or journals

Digital marketing is the online mode of marketing which is increasingly becoming popular in our global village. It is only obvious that the era of internet will have its influence in every realm of life. This includes:
- Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
- Content driven marketing or Blogs
- Paid pop-ups
- Lead generation to the website
- Click bait links for viral content

Digital vs traditional marketing
Digital marketing channels are much more than social media. It involves blogging, videos, podcasts, mobile, social media, digital analytics, and managing digital marketing through tactics such as account-based marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). A lot of people consider digital to be just another channel, but the savvy, modern marketer knows that digital is a unique method of communicating with your prospective and current customers. Digital marketing provides personalisation, flexibility to switch media and instant tracking and analysis to make data driven decisions.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand has some advantages like it is simpler to apply, reaches the local target audience, door to door promotion and handing out flyers encourages people to show genuine interest. Traditional marketing methods can have a strong presence and often a wide reach since they reach audiences who aren’t that internet savvy, benefiting brands heeding to reach a larger public. Though traditional media continues to serve a purpose in building brand awareness, digital marketing seems to be edging out traditional channels.

The best marketers have a clear picture of how each asset or tactic supports their goals. While some believe that digital marketing is a better spend, having a true understanding of both traditional and digital marketing and a goof analysis of online vs traditional advertising, will certainly get your brand where you want it to be.

Why is content essential in digital marketing?

A tight knit digital marketing strategy consists of many different elements. Right from social media to search engines it can be difficult to know where you would really like to focus your attention.There are a lot of elements that one needs to take care of.

One of the most crucial elements is content. Content not only helps you build a trust in your brand but also to connect with your target audience. It acts as a fuel fed to the marketing techniques. Naturally, it's important to give attention to what you want to say.

Some of the major reasons as to why content is essential in digital marketing are:

1. To educate your target audience
It is very important to let the audience know that they have made the right choice by opting for your brand or service. Content will help them know what all options does your brand provide. This can be done via various means like blogs, articles, product pages or thehome page of your website. This content should have more business and offering driven approach. It should also help you solve the problems of the customer.

2. Content acts as a fuel to SEO
Search engines are available to answer all queries that anyone has. Which in turn means, that optimizing content for the relevant searches can help you generate leads. However, SEO revolves around keyword, placement, back links & your website visitors, the content on these pages is your fuel. Without content all this can be meaningless. Content creation and SEO should always go hand-in-hand. With some great content you may see it's not very difficult to be on top of the page. If the target audience is engaging with the content, you may say that your strategy is successful.

3. Social media strategies are content driven
Social media is one of the most powerful tools that is being used today. Social media helps you connect directly with the audiences. Also, you can gain more visitors on your website, where you can collect their information, bringing them into your sales funnel. The social media strategy should leverage a high quality of content which brings in value to the target audience. Content is crucial for developing strong connection but we also need to remember that the audience wants information that they can connect to.

Content is an important part of our day to day life. Quality content drives traffic and conversations. It cannot be ignored, especially when you make a digital strategy. Content is a rather necessary element to demonstrate your brand’s integrity and gain your audience’s trust. 28% of B2B and 30% of B2C marketers say that content marketing highly contributes to business goals.
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